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Soul Contracts

Soul Contracts by Christy Nava
Recording Studio

I write songs because I love to share the messages of my heart and soul through music

I love to tell a story through a song. Each song has it's own story, it's own way to tell that story and each song demands it's own style in order to become it's authentic self

I love to perform in character. To take a story or experience from my life or another's, to find words and sound that evoke the feel of what it was like to live through that experience or moment

I love the freedom to be anything I want through music. I can bring a small part of myself to life in a big way

I love that I can heal myself and others through the process of making and sharing music

To hear people singing my lyrics, or having an emotional reaction to my performance is to touch the divine. My art connects me to anyone who experiences it, forever

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